We provide Due Diligence services in the territory of Russia and other CIS countries from 1991.

Having united knowledge and experience of professionals in various areas of business and personal security, we aim to ensure for our clients secure conditions for stable business and its development by reducing possible commercial risks today and their prevention in the future.

Finding accurate data for strategic decisions in the countries of the former Soviet Union is still a challenge. Our service of highly specialized analysis of businesses and markets is project oriented.

We provide data about companies and persons:

  • standardized modular reports related to specific problems or decisions (for example key persons, real owners, special prices, product portfolio, channels used etc.)
  • specialized reports to prepare longer range strategic decisions (covering certain markets, certain product groupings, market competitors analysis etc.)

Our offer of specialized analysis of businesses and markets is a pure project business and cannot be created on the base of a modular structure like the investigation services for companies and persons.

For an efficient process of project management we would ask you for a

  • detailed definition of the problems you face or anticipate, and for a
  • precise specifications of the objectives the report will help you to achieve.

It is these two prerequisites wich are essential to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments, usually at a late stage. A considerable amount of our business goes into this service, and we would like to help your business grow through this service. Since every such project is different, details about prices and delivery times must be negotiated directly.